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With my daughter
I am 67 and live in Paris. My husband died in 1992 and I have a wonderful daughter.

What used to be: I was an English teacher for some thirty years and thoroughly enjoyed the job. Then I became a webmistress and enjoyed that thoroughly.
I started blogging at the same time as I found out that I had breast cancer and I must say that I enjoyed learning something new, it took my mind off doctors, radiation therapy, operations and the likes.
While I was going through radiation therapy, I set up a blog in French in which I kept a journal of my radiation therapy days. I haven’t written a word in there since 😉
I found a lot of help at MandarinDesign, a site I visit almost daily to figure out everything about the appearance of a blog.
I first used Blogger and then moved to WordPress, which I find easier to tweak than Blogger.
What about now?Now, I am retired and enjoy this thoroughly. People ask me what I do with my days. Well, weather permitting, I take my camera, a nice Lumix FZ8 that I bought, following the advice of Brenda, go out and shoot. I try to walk a couple of hours daily, it’s healthy, I enjoy walking and it makes up for all the time I spend in front of my computer. Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn’t rename Blogging in Paris Walking in Paris.
Then, I have to admit it, I spend a lot of time processing my photos and uploading them on flickr , organising them into sets and admining my groups. I have become some sort of a “flickrholic”, I guess.
I keep two other blogs of my own
Blogging in Paris, here
Vieux, C’est Mieux !
Two and a half years ago, I kept a journal of my radiation therapy at RadioTBlog

I used to have a photoblog, called Claude’s Daily Snap, where I posted one photo a day. But back in June 2007, it disappeared into thin air due to database problems. I moved Blogging in Paris and Vieux, c’est mieux !!! here at but Claude’s Daily Snap hadn’t been properly saved, and I had too much to do recovering the other two blogs to even try doing anything about the photoblog.
The other day I realised that I had been very good at tagging photos on flickr and that all the photos I had posted at the photoblog were tagged claudesdailysnap.
So one by one, I’m going to post them here.


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